Forehead wrinkles photo from actual Dr. Berens’ patient.

You can eliminate or reduce your Forehead Wrinkles & Lines with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

How Exactly Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Reduce Wrinkles?

Whenever the skin on our face moves, such as when we raise out eye bows or squinting, the body’s nervous system sends signals to the muscles underneath the skin, called neurotransmitters, that cause the muscles to move.

Over time, this constant contraction of the facial muscles is what causes the appearance of wrinkles.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to block the neurotransmitters that are sent to our facial muscles. By blocking the signals that cause our facial muscles to contract, BOTOX® Cosmetic is able to relax the muscles and, ultimately, reduce the appearance of wrinkled skin such as frown lines.