Mole Removal

Mole removal photo from actual Dr. Berens’ patient.

Facial moles and lesions on the cheeks, nose, forehead or neck and can be unsightly based upon their size and location. Mole and lesion removal is a very common procedure. Several types of treatments are used to accomplish safe, effective removal with minimal downtime or discomfort. Dr. Berens performs facial mole/lesion removals as an office procedure in South Florida and his patients return to work or normal activity in a short period of time.

What are moles?

Moles and skin tags are extra deposits of skin that occur anywhere on the body as we age. Moles most commonly appear on the face and skin tags most commonly on the neck area. Another commonly occurring lesion are seborrheic keratosis, a thickening of the skin which occurs on the back, sides and abdomen especially, in the bra line.

How are moles removed?

There are many options to remove these unwanted lesions. One way is to perform a shave excision. This uses a scalpel to slice off the lesion. Another way is to do a punch biopsy. This can often leave a small area of depression in the skin.