Vitalize Peel


SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel is one of the top Chemical Peels performed today. It is Gentle on the skin, which is different from most deep peels. It also requires little recovery time. It does, however, dramatically rejuvenate the skin. It will improve texture and tone. The Vitalize Peel will also decrease the appearance of acne and scarring, as well as melisma (dark brown patches on the face).

Comprised of Resorcinol, Lactic, Salicylic, and Reinoic acids, the Vitalize Peel provides a unique mix of ingredients. Perfect for all skin tones and ethnicities, the Vitalize Peel is considered safe and extremely effective. Noticeable improvement can be seen in the skin after a single treatment. When used in a series, or with other complimentary treatments, the Vitalize Peel can provide patients with dramatic results.

Who is a candidate for a Vitalize peel?

Men and women of all skin types who are looking to improve the appearance of the skin may be good candidates for a Vitalize peel. The peel should not be performed on pregnant women or individuals with aspirin allergies, active cold sores, or those using Accutane or some chemotherapy medications.

How long is the procedure time for this chemical peel?

The Vitalize peel takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete.