broward dysport

Dysport ® photo from actual Dr. Berens’ patient.

Dysport ® (similar to Botox®) is a prescription injection for temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines).  When you laugh, frown, concentrate or squint into the sun, your facial muscles contract and your skin creases. As you get older your skin loses its elasticity and those creases deepen into lines that become permanently etched on your face. Frown lines between your eyes can become particularly noticeable at a relatively young age, making you look angry or worried even when you are not.  By relaxing the muscles you use to frown, Dysport ® can smooth out those lines, restoring a more youthful, less stressed expression to your face. Visit Dr Berens in our Plantation / Fort Lauderdale office learn more on how Dysport ® can help reduce wrinkles.

If you are looking to revitalize your youthful looks and smooth your wrinkles, Dysport® could be your solution. Some of the advantages of Dysport® include:

  • Long lasting
  • Fast-acting: see results after just one day
  • Effective for treating severe wrinkles between and above the eyebrows